Small Business Opportunities to Help You Earn More

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These days, even people with full-time jobs have side jobs or online businesses. With many people losing their jobs to the pandemic, taking on extra work is a must for financial security. But running a business can be challenging.

If you want to succeed in the field, you should be able to fulfill a specific need. Is there a product or a service that you can offer? With all these business ideas, where should you begin? Here are a few business ideas with minimal startup costs that you can start soon:

Selling your handmade products

Selling handmade products is a great opportunity for creatives. You can earn by doing something you love. For many people, what started as a side project turned out to be an online business opportunity.

Some people sell their handmade candles and essential oils. Others sell food items such as dried chili, mango puree, cookies, cakes, and many more. What started as a quarantine hobby became a source of their income. If you are not sure what you want to sell, you can look around the house for trinkets you wish they sold at stores. You can also research how to make the product more distinct and creative.


This is a great online business opportunity. As a freelancer, you are self-employed. You can work with short- and long-term projects simultaneously. Moreover, you can be your own boss as you are not committed to a company.

The gig economy is no longer frowned upon. In fact, the freelance community is becoming more competitive. Taking on freelance work can help improve and multiply your skills. It also offers opportunities to connect with different people in the industry.

Typical freelance work includes web design, copywriting, and social media marketing. While these are more common, there are other tasks that freelancers can take on. eLearning is seeing a steady rise in the freelance field and can be a good opportunity for you.

Through eLearning, educators and content creators make videos, online courses, and e-books. Students and industry trainees usually consume these. They are usually subscribed to a service or a course where they can access your content.

Depending on your expertise, you can find a freelance job that you can take on. Just be patient to search for openings and opportunities online. Many clients are out there waiting for your service.

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Being a tutor

Aside from eLearning opportunities, you can also venture into tutoring. Many students who take their classes from home need help in subjects you might be an expert in. There are a wide range of students waiting for tutors online. Preschoolers and post-graduate students need help in certain subjects. You do not need to go to your tutees’ homes to do this. You can teach them through videoconferencing tools.

Selling your used items online

A great way to start a business is to sell your used items online. You may have clothes that no longer fit or books that you no longer read at home. Selling these items help you earn while you free up space in your home.

Selling secondhand items is not that hard, especially with online platforms that we use now. You can post items through buy-and-sell sites. Many sellers post their items on their personal social media pages. As online thrifting is a trend among people who like vintage items, collectors exchange goods through online selling platforms. With these technologies, you can turn your used items into extra cash.

Renting out your room

A great way to earn extra cash without doing much work is to rent out an extra space in your home. It’s a passive income opportunity that is never out of business. Short-term rentals can help you pay bills while you entertain guests.

The sharing economy is still alive amid the COVID-19 pandemic but has taken a new form. Your extra room can also serve as a storage space. As renting at a storage facility can be expensive, your empty room can serve as temporary storage that’s affordable.

These days, earning money is a privilege. A side job or an online business is a great way to explore your talents and skills while you generate income. If you haven’t decided on a niche yet, don’t worry. You have plenty of time to think of services or products that you can offer. While you are exploring your options, keep your goals in mind so that you can stay on track.


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