How to Market Homes Effectively from 2021 Onwards

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It is a well-known fact among housing industry professionals that this year is a seller’s market due to the effects of the pandemic that have carried over to this year. This means there is high demand for homes, which has put property prices in favor of sellers. Vaccination roll-outs and low interest rates on house loans are playing a large part in this.

Aside from businesses, individuals who plan to sell their homes today are entering the market from an advantage. Despite this, the challenges caused by the global pandemic have still necessitated new and more creative ways to market homes to home buyers.

Whether you are an organization or an individual, digital marketing practices can make your homes more attractive to potential buyers. Apply them to make your home visible and a preferred option during a customer’s house-hunting process.

Drones and First-person Videos

Because there are much fewer physical meetings occurring due to safety precautions from COVID-19, home sellers need another way to accurately and remotely showcase their properties to buyers. This is where videography and editing teams come in.

When people visit homes, they are foremostly interested in seeing how it looks from the inside—from the floor plan to room sizes and amenities. First-person tours replicate the experience of walking through a home and taking a look at every area on your own. Having these videos prepared beforehand can help buyers picture themselves and see if the layout is practical for them.

Interiors are not the only important parts of your home. Buyers will also be interested in what your home looks like from the outside, including the neighborhood it is in and its immediate surroundings. Drone videos can provide a bird’s eye view of your home so that they can have a look at the property clearly.

Drone footage is also a quick way to show if a property is located near shops, parks, main roads, and other facilities. More than the home itself, a drone video gives potential buyers a glimpse of what their life will be like should they purchase your property.

Online Marketing and Advertising

The internet is where you generate leads for your property. High-quality publicity materials are wasted if they are not maximized in the online sphere. Look to the many online tools to boost your property’s visibility on social media, search engines, and other websites.

High-quality Photos

An obvious move in the process of marketing your home is to list it on home buying and selling social media sites such as Zillow or home renovation websites such as Houzz.  On these sites, you need well-shot, high-quality photos that present your home truthfully. Good photos are an instant pull that lets buyers click on your property listing.

High-quality photos (and videos) also perform well on Instagram since it is a visual-heavy platform. Include photos of your homes and short teasers of your home tour videos to attract consumers.

Targeted Ads

Instagram ads have a feature that lets your target particular markets in specific areas to ensure it reaches the people you want to reach. Aside from boosting, the use of hashtags also points people who follow certain tags to your page and your property.

Similarly, Facebook allows you to target your ads for certain demographics and areas. In contrast to Instagram, however, Facebook allows for more versatility when it comes to content types. You can include more in-depth information about your property when you post about it on Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

People who are interested in homes in certain areas usually try to find leads first via search engines. Visitors are more likely to click on your page the higher up you are on the search results. Using SEO techniques, you put your microsite, website, or property listing at the top of searches.

While hiring an SEO specialist can be helpful in this area, a simple practice is to think like a customer and use words you would commonly use when searching for homes. Consider including the names of local areas in your property descriptions, for example. Have the home’s exact address on your listing, too, to make it easier for viewers to find it.

Online Presence Is a Must

The online realm is not a mere suggestion in real estate. If you are to market your properties effectively from 2021 and moving forward, an online presence is vital to your success.

Distinguish your properties from competitors by pairing top-notch visual content with a smart marketing strategy. The combination increases your visibility and, at the same time, your credibility in the online space.


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