How a Crematorium Runs

Most people know what goes on at a funeral home but have little or no clue as to how a crematorium works. Cremation reduces the human body into the most basic elements by passing it through an open furnace. The process of cremation takes 2–3 hours and involves several steps as shown in the video.

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Here are some of these steps.

Proper identification of the deceased body by the family helps avoid errors. Also ensuring all the legal paperwork gets processed. This gives the crematorium authorization to carry out the procedure. The body is properly cleaned and dressed ideally before identification. The body is then placed in standard cremation cardboard boxes and transferred to the retort. The retort gets preheated to get it ready for cremation. Preheating ensures that the process is efficient.

The retort gets heated to highs of 1800-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Only bone fragments remain after this process. The retort is then left to cool, and the fragments get extracted at safe temperatures. The bone fragments get reduced to ashes and the ashes are homogenized into a fine powder. The family then selects an urn and the ashes are carefully collected and placed in the urn. The urns are then well-labelled for the family.

Cremation has grown popular with time, with more people preferring it to traditional burials. Some people also think of it as eco-friendly and a less expensive arrangement.



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