The Modular Office: Reconfigurable Space


In these days of ever-changing office configurations and the need for more flexibility, the modular office has become a popular solution. A modular office is an office space that can be easily reconfigured to meet the needs of the moment. This could mean rearranging the furniture, changing the room’s layout, or adding or removing walls.

If you need to increase or decrease the amount of space you have, if you need to create more or less privacy, or if you simply need to change the layout of your office for a new project, a modular office can do that for you. The modular office has become popular because it offers so much flexibility.

There are many different types of modular offices on the market, so you can find one that suits your needs and budget. You can even find modular offices with furniture and walls already installed, so all you need to do is move in and start working.

If your office space has an open plan, here are some ideas you can consider to make it modular.

Movable Furniture

Creating a modular office can be expensive. You can use your existing furniture as movable dividers if you have a tight budget. This is the most inexpensive way to make your current office reconfigurable because you are just using what you already have.

Mount your filing cabinets, bookcases, and shelves on casters. You can then simply move them around as needed. This allows you to reconfigure your office space quickly and easily.

Movable Dividers

Suppose you need to create more privacy or divide a large space into smaller sections. In that case, movable dividers are a great option. Dividers can be easily moved around the room to create the configuration you need without using too much space. They are also light and easy to move around.

You can find dividers that are made of fabric, wood, or glass in different sizes. You can choose the least expensive dividers available on the market. That way, you get the function you want within your budget.

Reconfigurable Furniture

One problem many offices have is a lack of space. If you are just starting to furnish your office, you can choose to invest in reconfigurable furniture. For instance, individual desks can fold out and connect to each other to form a conference table. After the meeting, each desk folds down for personal use once again.

You can also have stackable chairs that you can use to accommodate guests in large meetings. After the meeting, these can be set aside and will not occupy much office space.

Flexible space

Reconfigurable Glass Walls

One drawback to having thin dividers is that the meeting rooms you create are not insulated from the general noise in the office. To address this, you can instead install demountable glass partitions that have high acoustic ratings. This will eliminate most of the noise from outside the modules. Having the ability to create rooms that are almost soundproof makes this a worthy option despite the higher cost.

This will also enable you to create meeting rooms of different sizes as needed while retaining the openness of your space. The rooms and the remaining space outside them will not feel claustrophobic.

Reconfigurable Outdoor Space

During the pandemic, people have become more conscious of the need for fresh air and open spaces. They do not want to feel closed in. Offices can also be made healthier if they can be opened up to the outdoors whenever the weather permits.

You can do this if your office has access to an adjacent outdoor area. You can add outdoor furniture that can function as work desks. People can opt to work outside or hold meetings outside.

You can also add sliding doors that can be kept open when the weather is fine. That way, even those who are working inside get the benefits of fresh air. If the sliding doors are made of insulated glass, everyone gets the benefit of the outside view even when the doors are closed in winter or at the height of summer.

Flexible Working Spaces

With a modular office, you can change the configuration of your office any time you want to suit your needs. Modular offices can be easily reconfigured to accommodate both individual workers and large teams. You can add meeting rooms as needed and revert to a more spacious environment afterward.

By having a modular office, you can make the most of your space. With an office that is reconfigurable and adaptable to your needs, you and your employees can work in a way that is comfortable for you and that also increases productivity.


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