Best Plants that Bloom All Year Round (and You Should Have in Your Garden)

Gardening takes more than only planting plants, fruits, or vegetables that suit your fancy. It requires time, resources, and an endless passion for making the most out of your garden. For one thing, you can save money from buying fruits and vegetables in a grocery store and get to enjoy the fruits of your labor (literally and figuratively).

If you have an innate green thumb, you can start and tend to your garden lovingly. But, as people may say, we all need help sometimes. In Dover, some contractors do commercial landscaping that can help improve your yard’s appeal. Not only are landscaping and gardening a worthwhile hobby, but they can also add value to your property.

Plants that bloom all year round

Tending a garden is one thing. Choosing the right plants and flowers that will last all year is another. Gardening enthusiasts should know that a well-maintained garden should not only look spectacular during summer or spring but throughout the year.

On the one hand, some plants bloom only during a specific season. On the other hand, there are also different types of plants that look good no matter the season is. Choosing perennials makes your yard look its best all year and saves you time and money from tending plants that only thrive in a specific season.

Forest pansy

This plant produces different colors depending on the season. Its blossoms become pinkish-violet in springtime, then turn dark purple in summer. When winter arrives, the flowers change to yellow and can last until spring.


This popular flower can last for a year, and its blossoms come in different colors such as red, yellow, and white. Chrysanthemums also have different species hence the variety of colors available. These colors will make anyone’s garden look good.


This popular type of perennials can make your garden look good all year round. They have long stems that make them a favorite bouquet choice. You can dye the petals according to your desired color. Among the popular colors of the carnation include dark red, white, and pink.



This favorite pie ingredient is not only tasty but also looks good in any yard. Every spring, its bell-like flowers turn white. At the same time, it bears that familiar blue fruits. Come autumn, the leaves turn reddish-orange that still looks excellent in any garden.

Witch hazel

It is known for its scented blossoms that are at their peak around late winter to early springtime. The leaves also turn almost-bloody red during autumn.

Apples and pears

These are two of the best fruit-bearing trees you need to have in your backyard. They can last for a whole year as well as produce eye-popping blossoms during spring. For those with limited backyard space, you can grow either as stepovers or espaliers. Stepovers plants are developed to be “stepped over” while espaliers are raised against a framework or wall.

These are some of the most popular plants and trees that thrive throughout the year. Not only can they make your backyard look attractive but also increase the value of your property.


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