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ZOMG, People Still Like Us

Posted by on April 3, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Clearly high school students across America haven’t yet gotten the HUDS memo of “No More Korean Barbecue.”

If they did, then maybe this past week, good ol’ Harvard wouldn’t have topped the Princeton Review’s list of the Top 10 Dream Colleges. We reclaimed our golden spot from Stanford, who took last year’s prize for the most-fawned-over. Other schools making the list include Princeton, Yale, MIT and NYU.

So, despite the travesty of only a second-rate hip hop group coming to perform at our annual festival and the continued absence of hot breakfast, people still think Harvard’s a pretty awesome place to be. Quit your whining, folks.

Yes, we miss it, too. But shut up.

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First Place, Always and Forever

Posted by on October 19, 2011 at 10:07 pm

You know how you know you go to the number one university in the world? Your college even wins at the contest of issuing the best most-useless degree.

According to this Huffington Post article, Harvard tops the list of colleges at which to major in English. (Incidentally, we are apparently also the haven for those who “hate to do chemistry experiments.”) Institutions we beat out for this prestigious honor include Oxford, Yale, Columbia and Stanford.

So, humanities concentrators: when, in October after graduation, you find yourself sitting catatonically on the couch with eyes glazed over, watching an MTV Jersey Shore marathon at 1 in the afternoon, at least you can take comfort in knowing that, because you went to Harvard, you are definitely the best at it.


Winning, 1636-Present.

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"Jealous Ivy League students"
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"Scheming...totally out of line"
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"Harvard geeks"
--LA Times

"Those people are assholes"

"Good reason to be, well, crimson"
--People Magazine

"Nerd terror squad"

"Nouveau riche scum"

"Like, super brainy kids"
--Anything Hollywood

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--Die Presse

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