Bryanboy Was Here

Posted by on January 4, 2011 at 4:23 am

Bryanboy outside of the Harvard Lampoon.

This is certainly more exciting than seeing Pauly D in the square, if only for the clothes. Apparently Fashion 2.0′s greatest blogger, Bryanboy, recently graced our campus with his eminent ferocity. Swinging around the super-coveted Alexa Mulberry bag and all layered up in coop gear, he definitely gives us all no excuse to come back to campus looking like we usually do. Work it, Bryanboy. We <3 You!

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Jacket from Filippa K, sunglasses from Karen Walker, bowtie from Lanvin x H&M, vintage shirt,Harvard t-shirt from The Coop, jeans from Uniqlo, socks from H&M.

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  1. dba says:

    fyi, this bryanboy is a scammer-credit-card-fraudster-poseur. all manila is talking about this. cathay pacific has filed a suit against him among others.

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