It’s Freezing Outside! The Best Coats and Winter Accessories To Wear In Arctic Weather

Posted by on December 11, 2009 at 3:39 pm

by Alisha Ramos ’12
December 2009 Issue

In case you haven’t stepped outside in a while (and since this is Reading Period, this probably applies to many of you), let me clue you in on something: it’s freezing! With the combination of chilly temperatures, unbearable windchill, and finals, it might be tempting to step outside wearing sweatpants, Northface, and Uggs. But just because you’re stressed and cold does not mean it’s okay to look like a walking lump of fleece. Snap out of it and look decent! Below are some great winter coats and accessories that look great and will keep you warm and toasty. Besides, who knows? Maybe looking this fashionable in the winter will get you caught on Noicethreads.


The Parka
The parka is my personal winter favorite because it’s warm, often has a fur-lined hood (perfect for snowy weather), and usually comes in neutral colors that can go with any wardrobe. The nicest parkas can be pretty pricey, ranging from around $100 and up, but it’s a great investment as a classic winter coat that won’t go out of style for a while.

Picture 16For the guys: All-Son National Parka, Urban Outfitters, $98.

Picture 20For the girls: Fur Padded Parka, Topshop, $160.

The Military Coat
The military-style jacket or coat is a good choice for a winter coat if you’re one who likes keeping up with trends. This style has been one of the hottest trends on the runways this season (and for some of last year) for both men and women. If you want to look polished while keeping warm, this is the coat for you.

Picture 24For the guys: Double Breasted Coat, ASOS, $127.66.

Picture 21

For the girls: Rue Royale Military Coat, Fred Flare, $72.

The Classic Trench

The trench is another staple to add to any wardrobe. Thus, it’s a piece that’s worth splurging on. A trench is sensible and versatile as you can layer it up in the winter and slip it on in the breezy autumn and early spring. My favorite trench coats have delicate details and twists on its classic form.

Picture 13For the guys: Military-inspired Trench Coat, Steven Alan, $268.
(Not shown: super sweet plaid wool lining!)

Picture 25For the girls: Mid-length Trench Coat, Gap, $88.


Aigle Boots (for girls)

I don’t think I actually have to explain the importance of durable, comfortable, long-lasting, warm boots in the wintertime. While Uggs are comfortable and warm (I own some too, so don’t feel bad) for cold winter days, they’re not exactly the smartest choice when trying to tread through January sludge. Snow in Cambridge is pretty for maybe a day or two. After that, it becomes gray…mush. Yuck! Aigle boots are amazing because not only are they classically stylish, but they’re completely waterproof and of incredibly high quality.

Picture 7Aigle Dressage Boots, Aigle, $199.

Text-Friendly Camping Gloves (for guys)

I am sadly pretty much obsessed with these gloves. If I had a boyfriend (emphasis on “if”), I would buy these for him in a heartbeat. Hell, I might just buy them for myself! These gloves are 100% cashmere lined (aka 100% toasty and comfortable) and have an amazing plaid wool pattern. But here’s the best part: the thumbs have slits in them for easy Blackberry-ing and texting! Holy smokes. GENIUS.

Picture 12Camping Gloves, Steven Alan, $78.

Warm Leggings (for girls)
Okay, girls. We all know we love wearing leggings as pants, as horrific as they may be. But it’s the winter now, so that means you might have to finally resort to wearing real pants, right? WRONG. The solution: wear thicker leggings. American Apparel said, “Let there be winter leggings.” And it was so.

Picture 14Winter Leggings, American Apparel, $38.

Hand Warmers (for everyone!)
When my mother sent me a box full of these hand warmers last winter (my first New England winter–aww!), I cried. Of joy. What kind of dark magic is held in these little packets? I know not. I only know that they keep your hands bloody warm. All you have to do is tear the little rectangular pockets out of the wrapper, shove them in a pocket or two, and let the toasting of your hands begin. Amazing.

Picture 27Wicked Good Hand Warmers (Pack of 10), L.L. Bean, $10.

Fur-Trapper Hats (for everyone!)
I might be biased because my favorite winter hat is my fur-trapper hat, but these things are so good for keeping your head and your ears nice and cozy! The best part is that they’re pretty unisex–meaning you could “gift” one to your boyfriend or girlfriend and “borrow” it later.

Picture 28Wool Shearling Trapper (men’s), J.Crew, $168.

That’s all for now. Keep warm, keep away from sweatpants, and stay stylish! What are your favorite winter coats or accessories? Would you wear or use anything listed here?

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