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Posted by on October 1, 2009 at 11:18 am

Update: Read the story on Emma Watson at The Harvard Crimson here. [10/02/09]

In today’s issue of Page Six, The Voice was charged with “an orchestrated campaign of Ivy League harassment,” referring to the live blog of the Harvard vs. Brown football game at which a certain Emma Watson was present.

The absurdity of this accusation is far beyond the reality of the situation. The Voice denies any efforts to “orchestrate” a mass mob of gawkers. In fact, the bloggers were never certain whether or not Watson was actually present and never once caught a glimpse of her, only rumors. The presence of a luminary on campus inevitably creates much speculation and excitement, certainly without the help of an intentionally facetious live blog. Long before the day of the game there had been much buzz across campus regarding Watson’s attendance. When analyzing the live blog — as it seems is necessary at this point — it becomes clear that the blog post is indeed a parody of one that might originate from an overeager fan with no intentions of watching the football game at hand. The blog was meant as an intentionally sensationalist parody for which no real action was taken — certainly no actions of “harassment,” as we have been so charged by Mr. Neel Shah of Page Six.

As stated earlier in the Editor’s Note, the photograph of Watson was taken completely on happenstance as one of our photographers left the grounds the same time as Watson. The photo is a result of what any person might do (albeit a person perhaps more excited than the average) in spotting an admired celebrity on campus. The fact that The Voice actually obtained a photo of Watson at the game was just as surprising to us as anybody.

The Voice apologizes for any misunderstanding that the live blog may have caused and for any discomfort Miss Watson may have felt due to the post.

Alisha Ramos
President, Editor-In-Chief

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13 Responses

  1. Name says:

    Page Six must be starved for gossip if they need to make up stories about a game that took place over a week ago.

  2. [...] [10/01/09] See additional Note from the Editor here. [...]

  3. thetruth says:

    this is bulshit!
    u know u were stalking her!
    good luck getting more famous people on your campus!

  4. Lisa_D says:

    If the rumours are true and Emma Watson had to have security guards surrounding her, I’d say your “intentionally sensationalist parody” got out of hand. Time to take responsibility for your actions instead of deflecting it as “only a joke”.

  5. Ridiculous says:

    Or security was never called for anyone related to the voiceand she needed security because she’s a young actress in a stadium with thousands of unknown people. Wait, no your ridiculous conspiracy theory of 2 bloggers with a cell phone makes WAY more sense.

  6. Ridiculous says:

    Oh, and champ, it’s *bullshit. At least “stalkers” know how to spell properly…

  7. ad says:

    Instead of all this high minded defensive crap Voice should have just said sorry it got out of hand. Not surprised this happened early in Miss Watson’s college life. Just disappointed. Stupid college kid prank. Wonder if this stuff happened to Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, etc.?

  8. vinny says:

    very cool … you can go to harvard for tabloid journalism! sign me up. and i love the editor’s response. very well-written … she’ll be a great politician, hack for one, or get a spot at a spin doctor’s office. or maybe just tmz to “up level” their journalism efforts :-)

  9. Ellid says:

    Stalking is not a joke. Neither is forcing a freshman from another school to resort to security guards to stay safe at one of your games.

    Disgusting. I hope President Faust suspends the lot of you.

  10. Paolo says:

    This tone from your editor-in-chief / president is really disappointing, not to mention annoying.

    Acting with a sense of entitlement is the last thing one would hope from the elite graduates and students of Harvard. Shame on the editorial leadership team. I mean, really.

  11. Dustin says:

    Could everyone please just get over it? It’s was over a week ago now. Plus, if you would just read the words of the editor, clearly NO stalking took place. Emma did not have to have guards to protect her and no one from the Voice even got close to Emma. But, you’re going to believe what you want. I’m just confused as to why you don’t have anything better to do with your life. Seriously. Plus, your arguments would be much more credible if you weren’t always bringing in a sense of “entitlement” or the such that you believe all Harvard students have. This clearly demonstrates your lack of interaction with any type of majority of Harvard students and graduates.

  12. Dennis says:

    DO NOT READ THIS!n 1908 sally ruse died looking for her dog. a ghost came and kileld her. In 30 minutes you’ll find a bloody ghost in your closet. it will kill your family. if you put this in 6 videos in 30 minutes you will be safe

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